11. Februar 2018





Terminal Of Freedom / speakers desk, monitor, regrounded and overprinted electionposters, video of people and ex- prisoners of the former Stasi- jail who are speaking about themselfes own vision of freedom, 2017 (during the German election)


Ground Zero / performance / Czech Center Berlin / 2018




Ground Zero / billboard shreds / Czech Center Berlin / 2018


Heroes Place /election posters / regrounded, overprinted













Filmprojekt Babel / refugees introducing themselfes / 2015



Musik.Bild / installation and drawing on stage / Black Box- Leipzig



Hotel Bohemia – urban live as concept of conformity/ 67 pics during the period of reconstruction of the Hotel Bohemia- Usti

Illumination of the rock gate in Uttewalder Grund



Illumination / Art’otel, Dresden / The painting „Swing“ was packed and passed for the posterity in a box and with a notarization